How to Write a Book That Can Get You an Agent

(And Stay True to Your Voice as a Woman of Color)

Learn how to:

  • Find your voice and begin healing after being silenced for years
  • Lay the foundation for a book that honors your voice through and through
  • Hook agents by getting TRUER to your story, not less
  • Finally hear back from agents YOU want to work with

This free masterclass is for you if:

...You're ready to write your first book, but you’re getting distracted by all the shoulds of writing as a woman of color

...You’ve got a draft to revise, but fear and doubt are creeping in

...You’re struggling to get responses from agents, and you’re scared it’s because you’re a woman of color

…And you’re tired of getting advice from white folx who don’t know the struggle.

We will also talk about:

  • How white supremacy values show up when we’re trying to write
  • The question of whether you’re representing your culture too much or not enough
  • The fear that your book will become The Book that defines your culture
  • Our unique experiences in writing and publishing as women of color

My Story

In 2015, I joined a majority-white publishing industry that had been failing to make space for people of color for YEARS.

I spent a ton of time afterward struggling to be heard. I realized that if I wanted to see a change, I couldn’t rely on the white folx in power.

I had to do it myself.

And now, I’ve learned that existing as a woman of color in publishing doesn’t always have to be a fight.

With other women of color by my side, I’ve been able to accomplish more than I ever thought possible—and I’ve felt held and understood along the way.

With the right people, publishing doesn’t have to be lonely. It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to feel like an uphill climb.

It can be everything you dreamed.

I’ve been the only woman of color in an entire publishing organization. I’ve been silenced as a woman of color, and as a member of various diversity committees. I’ve been passed over for promotions because I’m a woman of color. And I’ve come out on the other side stronger and more determined than ever to help other women of color find success in publishing.

With seven years of experience as an editor, including a window into one of the top agencies in the United States, I can help you find your way.

It all starts with this webinar.

Don’t miss it ❤

Happy writing,


Presented by

Stefanie Molina, Editor and Writing Coach to Womxn of Color

July 31, 2020
10:30am Pacific Time

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